Thursday, July 13, 2017

AGILE Manufacturing and Design

The AGILE manufacturing design can be applied to the design and building of products and software that demand iteration and constant reflection on progress.

Design is considered as a sort of flow chart of steps in development and creation.  The process is flexible and is very interactive.

(image:                                     This process calls for certain parts of the
process:  1) a design that allows for fast and easy variations and changes during and after development, 2) a method of disseminating information, using technology, to all parties involved in the iteration, 3) partners in the process who also support the rapid iterations along the way after reflection and testing, and 4) a culture or team of other developers or team members who also buy in to the iterative process for design.

As one of the initial teachers and curriculum developers for CAPS, we used such a rapid prototyping method for developing the authentic and flexible curriculum in our programs.  The design of our curriculum, while established within the confines of objectives and standards, remains flexible and follows the trends of business practices surrounding us.  By incorporating our website and other services and through our virtual network, we are able to communicate with others to coordinate concepts that truly reflect the culture of productivity and entrepreneurship which we promote with our students.

In seeking out partners to assist with our curriculum development, we looked to industry leaders and higher education programs which support our goal of creating programs that change with industry and push our students' limits to catapult them into an environment much like those modeled by local and national businesses and higher education preparatory concepts.

The exciting part of all of this is that my curriculum changes every year.  By working with those outside entities, we are able, while keeping with our basic curriculum objectives and goals, to re-fashion our activities, assignments, and experiences for our students into real-world opportunities.