Friday, October 25, 2019

Thank you to our Mentor Teachers!

Several times a semester, CAPS Teacher Ed reaches out to educators to provide opportunities for observations and interactions for our future teachers.  We would like to thank the following teachers for being part of our journey and for welcoming our students into their classrooms and schools!

Thank you to our Blue Valley District Educators:

Megan Holsapple, Wolf Springs Elementary School (CAPS Teacher Ed Alum)
Ryann Regier, Heartland Elementary (CAPS Teacher Ed Alum)

Polly Blair, Wolf Springs Elementary
Alyson Maher, Timber Creek Elementary
Taylor Douglas, Wolf Springs Elementary
Mark Mosier, Blue Valley High School
Madi Elpers, Blue Valley High School
Mary Garretson, Sunrise Point Elementary
Molly Gafney, Heartland Elementary
Cheryl Kerns, Blue ValleyWest High School
Cristi Clark, Sunrise Point Elementary
Jeff Ruelberg, Oxford Middle School
Chris LaValley, Blue Valley Northwest High School
Michael Richards, Oxford Middle School
Michelle Phifer, Oak Hill Elementary School
Melissa Humphreville, Leawood Middle School
Amy Young, Prairie Star Middle School
Katie Geist, Timber Creek Elementary School
Bill Smithyman, Blue Valley Northwest High School
Valerie Golden, Blue Valley Northwest High School
Kelsea Clayton, Stanley Elementary School

Also thank you to our other welcoming schools and educational organizations:

Kelly Chandler, Nativity Catholic School
Denny McKee, The Children's Place

We look forward to working with many more Blue Valley and other educators this school year!

Teaching and Technology Conference 2019

On October 9 and 10, CAPS Teacher Ed students traveled to Pittsburg State University where they presented two concurrent sessions each day at the Greenbush Teaching and Technology Conference for Teachers.  The presentation, entitled "Teachers in Paradise:  A Second Chance for Innovation in Learning," was created by and presented by all students in the program.

Kateann Penrose and Ashley Geer put together an opening video, featuring all of the CAPS Teacher Education students as a way to introduce themselves. 

Jade Ratterman joined in with her presentation of "Managing Type I Diabetes in the Classroom: What Teachers Need to Know" and Madilyn Veatch also added her presentation, "Lost in Space: The Importance of Environment on the Well-Being of Students."

Students who attended and presented both days were Halley Kern, Jade Ratterman, and Madilyn Veatch.

Other students who attended and presented one of the two days were Dasha Carver, Audrey Crawford, Jordan Durocher, Riley Hinmon, Regan LeValley, CaiLyn Nye, Mackenzie Paul, Leo Rakowski, Evelyn Lawler, Macey Lewin, Jordyn Messenger, Olivia Mueller, Molly Stasieluk, Chandler Traul, Jaden Webster, and Veronica Weng.

CAPS Teacher Ed students will present again at the 6th Annual Educators Rising Kansas Conference to be held November 6, 2019, on the campus of MidAmerica Nazarene University.