Wednesday, January 26, 2022

FETC Wednesday


In my seat and waiting for Leslie Fisher's session on Microsoft Teams.  I always learn so much at FETC and love the collaboration with colleagues who are just as excited about educational technology!

Looking forward to the day!

Let's Go Chiefs!

 What a game on Sunday!!  Enough said.  Looking forward to this Sunday's game.

Go Chiefs!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2022

FETC bound...


Off to FETC on Tuesday!  I look forward to seeing many friends!

Please join me for my 2 hour workshop! 

Strategic Creation of Online Learning Experiences: Designing Virtual Victories

Thursday, January 27   10:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

329 North

The instructional design behind the creation of virtual learning tools is critical for student and teacher success. Instead of considering these experiences as those lacking rigor and connectedness, using strategic methods of instructional design can assist educators in the creation of quality, online experiences. Participants will review Kirkpatrick’s model of evaluating learning’s effectiveness and Phillip’s concept of ROI (Return on Investment) of learning while applying the ADDIE and SAM models of design to create effective online learning structures. Whether using a waterfall and rather linear model of instructional design such as ADDIE or a more iterative SAM model, educational experiences can be designed in a way to make online learning effective and meaningful.

Six Months


I retired from my position at Blue Valley CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) six months ago.  During that time, I have been working with education students at a local university.  During that six months, as per Kansas guidelines, I could not interactively participate in any Kansas educational activities including substitute teaching, volunteering, or teaching at any Kansas retirement affiliate.  

Once that six-month period has ended, it will be great to again be open to focusing on more educational opportunities in my home state.