Monday, February 8, 2021


The students in the CAPS Teacher Education program have been patiently
awaiting a time when they can walk into a classroom, arriving to work with teachers and students, experiencing first-hand a day in the life of a practicing educator.  This semester has been difficult, but the students have not lost hope.  

Creating lesson plans seems superficial to them...something detached from students and the educational process, but it is hoped that soon they can again walk physically into a classroom and feel the surrounding awesomeness of being a teacher

In the same way, listening to tales of misled classroom management, watching TED talks about the future of education, listening to speakers discuss university requirements for teacher licensing, and zooming in to the occasional classroom are not allowing them to touch and feel this profession of their interest.

Soon, students...soon...soon you will be able to fully experience the greatest profession in the world.