Thursday, February 18, 2021

Finally...Change is Coming

 CAPS Teacher Education will be participating soon in a long-awaited opportunity—working in classrooms in person!  So far this school year, the
Teacher Education students have been zooming in to classrooms to help with various activities and even managed to provide online activities for students and their teachers with their Kids’ Konference held in January.  The students are excited to step into the environments created by our awesome teachers and have an even more robust experience as future teachers.


Along with their classroom experiences, the Teacher Ed students are still learning through other projects and activities.  They have welcomed guest speakers from Hawaii and Kansas and local university students and professors.  In addition, they still are practicing teaching skills in SimSchool, an online teaching simulation, creating substitute folders, designing learning experiences and lesson plans, writing their philosophies of education, and level 2 students are even designing their own Canvas courses.  


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