Thursday, September 5, 2019

In "The Changing Face of Teaching," an article in the May 2018 edition of Educational Leadership, authors Ingersoll, Merrill, and Daniel Stuckey present six trends that greatly affect the demographics of teachers today.  Trend 1 Ballooning discusses the increase in teacher hires brought on by smaller elementary class sizes as well as securing teachers in specialized areas which could cause districts financial issues.  Trend 2, Graying, and Trend 3, Greening, discuss both the increase in older teachers retiring and younger teachers entering the workforce.  With both, the trend has seen a downward spiral of teaching experience placed before our students.  The other two trends deal with diversity.  If the trend of teaching as a more female-dominated profession continues, 80% of the teaching force could be female in the near future...not good for elementary students who need male role models. And, in terms of diversity, while there are still many more minority students that minority teachers, there has been more of an increase of minority teachers than white, non-hispanic teachers in the last few years.  All in all, the demographics of the teaching profession are rapidly changing, and this needs to be at the forefront of organizational and hiring practices.