Monday, November 12, 2018

Eastern Kansas Regional Educators Rising Conference 2018

"Calling All Teachers" Kansas
Regional Easter Region
Educators Rising Conference
MidAmerica Nazarene U
November 7, 2018
On Wednesday, November 7, CAPS Teacher Education students joined in with a group of over 300 other students, teacher leaders, and administrators, to attend the Kansas Eastern Regional Educators Rising Conference held at Mid-America Nazarene University in Olathe, KS.

Opened by student officers, two of which are Taylor Falkner, state co-vice president and current CAPS Teacher Ed student, and Megan Andrievk, current K-State student and CAPS Teacher Ed alum, and members of the planning committee, including Emma Hines, CAPS Teacher Ed student, the conference got off to a great start with keynote speaker Rachael Mann, co-author of The Martians in Your Classroom and founder of Teach Like TED.

The keynote presentation was followed by three sets of sessions, all themed by social media:  "Snap That" focusing on applications that can help students openly discuss their ideas and thoughts on educational activities and featuring ideas to help enhance learning in an innovative way to benefit every student in the classroom, "Tweeter" featuring information about branding and social media Do’s and Don’ts and building one’s digital image, "Find My Path" focusing on encouraging students to think about the opportunities in and magnitude of future career options, "Instacapture" focusing on how students/future teachers can openly share ideas with other students while maintaining a more focused and active engagement in a classroom environment, "Team Time" focusing on how the use of communication tools  allows students to enter a teamwork-based environment, which allows students/future teachers to improve their teamwork skills while also allowing them to engage more openly in classroom settings, "U-Moji" encouraging students and future teachers to create and realize the importance of  their own personal brands in both the business and social world, and "Charge Me" helping to recharge the conference experience with snacks and visit displays on innovation and teaching, including displays by Microsoft, TeachLive, MNU Progressive Technology, a concession stand, and more. Students attended various sessions of their choice throughout the day, and some students competed in education-related competitions.
CAPS Teacher Ed students who placed in competitions:

Amanda Epperson, 1st Place
Maddie Nei, 3rd Place
Hanna Patterson, 1st Place
Sal Norris, 3rd Place
Jada Harper, 2nd Place
Jacqueline Keith, 3rd Place

 CAPS Teacher Ed students also presented their concurrent session:  Relationships, Technology, and Mental Health.  

The conference came to a close with the words of another keynote speaker, Erik Erazo of the Olathe, KS, School District. 

The conference was a great experience for our CAPS Teacher Ed students and all other students in attendance.  CAPS Teacher Education students in attendance (and who presented) were Jacqueline Keith, Madalynn Nei, Hannah Patterson, Maddie Peterson, Christian Spitz, Sean Suchma, McKenzie Allen, Paige Archambault, Cole Clayton, Amanda Epperson, Taylor Falkner, Ally Farris, Katie George, Savannah Greathouse, Jada Harper, Emma Hines, Lorily Mitchell, Sal Norris, Madelyn Slaney, and Macy Talkington. First and second place winners of the competitions will advance to the State Educators Rising Conference to be held on February 27, 2019 at Friends University, Wichita, KS.